My sculpture practice primarily examines our relationship with invention; the human need to construct mechanisms and methods in order to extend the reaches of our own possibility. I use architecture as an analogy for human endeavour and the complexities of our various methods of communication; aural, visual, technological. My overarching research subject has previously been broadly defined as 'The Electromagnetic spectrum.' From Ultra-low to ultra-high frequencies, it encompasses the multiplicity of communication methods which are of particular interest to me.
Increasingly however I am drawn to methodologies and technology which suggests phenomena beyond our easy perceptions. 

All works are balsa and basswood and gouache on maple.

Tiefenzeit, 7th October - 13th November 2016.

(all of my best laid plans have come to nought)

spring bay mill, triabunna
as part of the tasmanian international art festival, march 2015.

watch some documentation here:

Mars Gallery,
November 2014

"Summertime" was a Mersey Hospital Public Art Commission. 2011.

East Launceston primary school Public art commission

Memory Bank 1&2 2006.


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